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Basement & Crawl Space Repair in Espanola, ON

The amazing thing is that your water guard and bright wall system combination really works. ...
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Reviews From Espanola
Testimonials From Espanola
We keep going down there (crawlspace) after a heavy rain to look for water...and there isn't any!
Testimonial by Shekar C. from Espanola, ON

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Espanola, ON.

Services we offer in Espanola, ON:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Mold restoration and prevention
  • Sump pump repair, installation and maintenance
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Work Requests From Espanola, ON
Vicinity of , Clear Lake Drive in Espanola
Part of our basement is dirt/rock. It is very damp and permeates throughout the downstairs. There is visible moisture/odor in the finished areas due to it.
Vicinity of Appleford in Espanola
I am getting some water in basement. Not sure it's from window or wall. I also don't have window well.
Vicinity of Algoma Street in Espanola
We are purchasing a new house and would like to get a quote to get the crawl space encapsulated
Vicinity of Adelaide Street East in Espanola
Basement is taking on water. There seems to be no drain. This is a rental property so tenants are seriously inconvenienced (wetvac) Please contact me to discuss
Vicinity of Algoma Street in Espanola
I would like to get my house inspected for mold. House is approx 860 sq feet
Vicinity of Second Ave in Espanola
Cracked and bowed basement wall
Vicinity of Clear Lake Dr in Espanola
We need help. We have a new Home, built last year. The home is built on bedrock and supported by 24 pillars. The crawl space is spray foam insulated, on the bedrock. The contractor did not place a sump pump in the crawl space and we have water that has damaged the spray foam. We are asking that you come and have a look and offer any suggestions and a quote for rectification. Please text me at above number when you are available to speak and I will call back with in 10 - 15 minutes
Vicinity of Syroid in Espanola
Large crack running verticaly along wall allowing water to seap into the basment and make the walls wet as well as the floor.
Vicinity of Maple Drive ( Lang Lake ) in Espanola
My house is built on rock and when it rains water trickles into the basement. I have tried to stop it by sealing every crack outside and inside but no luck.Would appreciate you having a look and see if anything can be done. I picked up your ad at the Manitoulin trade show.
Vicinity of Lee Valley Rd in Espanola
My crawl space has a 6 mill plastic covering the ground. I'm just wondering if there is something more suitable.Also my furnace and pump are in the crawl space
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