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Kenmar Basement Systems are the local professionals of Lively, ON for basement waterproofing, crawl space & foundation repair, and more! Since 1984, we have been the contractor of choice in Northern Ontario and aim to provide our customers with service and products they can count on. For more information about our wide range of services, give us a call today and schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate!

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Noticing a wet, damp smell coming from your basement? Wet basements can cause serious harm to both your home and your family. Kenmar Basement Systems specializes in basement waterproofing in Lively, ON. We have custom, proven solutions for basement waterproofing and no job is too big or too small. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our wet basement solutions!

Foundation & Crawl Space Repairs

If you need foundation or crawl space repairs, look no further and give the professionals at Kenmar Basement Systems a call! If you are noticing cracks in the wall or floor, floor buckling, mold and musty odors, sticking windows and doors, settlement sinking, or sagging crawl spaces you may have a bigger issue and be in need of foundation or crawl space repair. Give us a call today and let us get you started on repairing your foundation and crawl space!

Insulation Upgrades for Your Home in Lively, ON

Kenmar Basement Systems can provide insulation upgrades to your basement and crawlspace! Proper insulation can provide you with energy-saving benefits and even temperatures in your home!

For more information about our services give us a call today and receive a free estimate!

Work Requests From Lively, ON
Vicinity of St. Peter Court in Lively
My sump pump is not working and I've had to unplug it. (It is an old unit and likely needs replacement)
Vicinity of Eleventh Ave in Lively
Small amount of Water in basement only after heavy rain fall
Vicinity of Moxam Landing Rd in Lively
Crawl space walls seem to be caving in and there seems to be little insulation some time an odor from the crawl space
Vicinity of Carl St in Lively
We have one corner of our house that leaks every time its a heavy rain or in the spring. we bought the house under impressions it was a clean dry basement. she started renos on a sauna in the corner in question so we are worried she was covering something up. We are looking to see what its going to take to fix that and a few other things in the unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Black Lake Road in Lively
Looking to price the installation of a new sump pit and pump in an unfinished basement. It is a poured foundation. The concrete would need to be broken and a new sump hole created. Home is roughly 50+ years old. Water does penetrate during spring melt, due to hydrostatic pressure. There is an existing sump-type hole in the centre of the basement.
Vicinity of Seventh Avenue in Lively
Cracks in foundation on outside wall on driveway side. water leaking into basement during rainfall, mold under drywall and around window frames.
Vicinity of Twelfth Avenue in Lively
I would like to know how much your window well covers cost. I have read about window well covers from other stores and testimonials state the covers crack and break from the elements like sun UV and snow buildup. Would you be able to give me a price on your covers? Thank you Julie
Vicinity of Tenth Avenue in Lively
Crack in foundation that water leaks through in the spring and fall. The crack has been previously repaired by the previous house owner.
Vicinity of in Lively
Outside brick siding is cracking and shifting and starting to see cracks in drywall. Looking to get an inspection and a quote
Vicinity of Black Lake Road in Lively
We have an older sump pump well and single pump. I would like to upgrade to a newer well such as the one you install, to allow space for a backup system and also a sealed top. Also require looking at the drain routing outside to prevent freezing in the winter months. Rick
Vicinity of Twelfth Avenue in Lively
My poured foundation cracked this winter and is now leaking water into the basement. When it rains and the spring thaw water runs down the wall and puddles on the floor. I am currently getting estimates and recommendations. As to what strategi would be best. I am looking at an exterior excavation, weeping tile installation, waterproofing, foundation repair, etc. Please contact us so we can set up a time to get an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Eleventh Ave. in Lively
Wet basement--one corner of basement.
Vicinity of Patricia Street in Lively
I have a leaking wall in my crawl space. Due to run off. I have a block foundation. Looking at internal/external weeping tile. Not sure what to do. Thanks Mike
Vicinity of Brian St. in Lively
Want to eliminate water in my basement. The water only comes in a couple of places. The basement is not finished. The concrete floor is exposed.
Vicinity of Kalio Road in Lively
Looking at purchasing a house in Espanola that would seem to be sinking. Definite foundation problems that need fixed. Please call soon. Thanks
Vicinity of Short St. in Lively
I have water leaking into my basement. It only occurs shortly after rain-fall. Not sur if it is my weeping tiles or my foundation. I would like to have someone come take a look. Thanks,
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