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Unreliable Sump Pump Replaced in North Bay, ON

Unreliable Sump Pump Replaced in North Bay, ON

Before After
Unreliable Sump Pump Replaced in North Bay, ON Unreliable Sump Pump Replaced in North Bay, ON

These homeowners' sump had been known to fail in the past during heavy rains and power outages. They called the experts at Kenmar Basement Systems and will always have piece of mind with their new SuperSump with UltraSump battery back up.

CleanSpace Liner Installed in North Bay, ON Crawlspace.

CleanSpace Liner Installed in North Bay, ON Crawlspace.

Before After
CleanSpace Liner Installed in North Bay, ON Crawlspace. CleanSpace Liner Installed in North Bay, ON Crawlspace.

By installing CleanSpace in this crawlspace we have created a cleaner and healthier environment in both the crawlspace and the living area above it.

Wet & Leaky Basement Corrected Using WaterGuard in North Bay

Wet & Leaky Basement Corrected Using WaterGuard in North Bay

Before After
Wet & Leaky Basement Corrected Using WaterGuard in North Bay Wet & Leaky Basement Corrected Using WaterGuard in North Bay

These homeowners were seeing water in their laundry room. The experts at Kenmar Basement Systems installed the patented WaterGuard system and this homeowner does not have to worry about water being an issue anymore!

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I am very pleased with this worry free system!...
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Reviews From North Bay
Testimonials From North Bay
Basement restoration from water damage, new sump install and crawl space repair An incredibly patient, professional, and considerate company whose work ethic...
Testimonial by Kelly B. from North Bay, ON
I am very pleased with this worry free system!
Testimonial by Suzanne M. from North Bay, ON
Quick & Reliable Response To Query!
Testimonial by Roland G. from North Bay, ON

Kenmar Basement Systems has been providing the homeowners of North Bay, ON with exceptional basement waterproofing and foundation repair services since 1984. Our specialists are trained and able to provide you with the proper diagnosis and help recommend what solution will fix your problems. Don’t wait any longer and give us a call today to discuss your concrete repairs, basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation repair, and more!

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in North Bay, ON

Kenmar Basement Systems has been fixing the wet basements in the homes of North Bay, ON. Water in basements has been a problem for many homes, and can jeopardize the structure of your home with wood rot, and mold growth. Water can leak into any opening and can even pass through concrete itself, being one of the reasons why basements are notoriously damp and humid. Our basement waterproofing solutions are equipped to fix your problem the first time. Don’t be fooled by other company’s products; as part of the Basement Systems®, Inc. network, we have access to the best products in the business. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions.

Foundation & Crawl Space Repair

The first step in having your foundation or crawlspace problem fixed is knowing exactly what the issue is, so it can be repaired properly the first time. Our skilled in-house experts have the training, experience, and warranted products to provide you with the correct diagnosis, and solution to provide you with a foundation or crawlspace repair. If you are experiencing any of the following, don’t wait any longer, and get in contact with us today!:

  • Bowing Walls
  • Settlement & Cracking
  • Sinking Floors
  • Sticking Windows & Doors
  • & More!

Insulation Solutions

Basement and crawlspace insulation has many benefits. With proper insulation, you can provide your home with cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temps in the winter. The added benefit of saving money by making your home more energy efficient makes insulating your home a win-win situation! Give us a call today and get a free estimate on insulation solutions!

Don’t wait any longer, and call Kenmar Basement Systems to achieve the basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions you have been dreaming of. Schedule an appointment today and receive a free estimate!

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Kenmar Basement Systems Joins the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce
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Work Requests From North Bay, ON
Vicinity of Crawford Drive in North Bay
Basement leaks and mold appearing
Vicinity of Gordon Dr. in North Bay
Noticed small water inflow this morning into downstairs laundry/furnace room after major rainfall.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Drive in North Bay
Would mainly like opinion & estimate on upgrading Sump Pump system. (while here, could also get you assessment of crawlspace)
Vicinity of Jocko Point Road in North Bay
I would like to have an estimate done on to repair my crawl space. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you
Vicinity of Gladstone in North Bay
Have noticed some salt and deterioration of brick in my basement at one end of the house. Would like to have looked at please
Vicinity of Willingdon Dr. in North Bay
We have, just this spring and now this fall, been getting water on the interior of our basement in two areas. Front corner of house and around the garage in the crawlspace. It appears that the water is coming in from hydrostatic pressure below the concrete slab floor. We had the exterior weepers replaced and exterior walls 'blueskinned' in 2007. The exterior weepers are cleaned out every fall.
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in North Bay
I am looking for a quote on waterproofing and insulating a crawlspace of a home that I am purchasing. There also appears to be some mould in the crawlspace as well as some mould in the living area of the home.
Vicinity of Collins Drive in North Bay
My mom's basement has water coming in and we need to know the source. She is elderly so I am contacting you on her behalf. Thanks
Vicinity of Labreche Dr in North Bay
Wet area in basement (carpet). Approx 6 feet by 3 feet area. Along the outside wall of backyard. This has never happened in the 27 years we have been in our house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Farley Avenue in North Bay
We had some water come in during spring along two walls so feel te weeping tiles may be blocked?
Vicinity of Sable Crescent in North Bay
I'd like an assessment of the integrity of my foundation. I feel like the back end of my house is sinking. I haven't noticed cracks in the walls or floors but I feel when I walk on the floors there's an ever so slight feeling that I'm walking down and my body is forward almost.
Vicinity of Sable Cres in North Bay
There are two large cracks at the corner of my house foundation visible from outside that are very concerning. I had some leakage in the basement. Hoping someone can can inspect and discuss repair.
Vicinity of Copeland Street in North Bay
Tired of cleaning up every year after the winter
Vicinity of Balmoral Crescent in North Bay
Water in basement and need a free estimate for repair. Single Mom with two kids.
Vicinity of Guinevere Court in North Bay
Water seeping in along floor line in finished and unfinished section of basement. Would like a quote to compare to excavating exterior. Thanks
Vicinity of Tackaberry Drive in North Bay
Water seepage two events February 2018, March 2018.
Vicinity of High Street in North Bay
We have water seeping into our finished basement with the rain, snow thawing, and water accumulation around the house. Hoping you will have a solution for us.
Vicinity of Nottingham Drive in North Bay
Water leaking into cold cellar under front door entrance.
Vicinity of Leger St in North Bay
Water issue at my daughters home. Water leaking in through ash clean out in basement. Pls contact me ASAP Tx Dan
Vicinity of in North Bay
900 sq ft home with dirt crawlspace. High humidity in home. Crawlspace needs vapour barrier on floor. Walls are all spray foamed. Looking for estimate.
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