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Kenmar Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Bay. Learn more about Kenmar Basement Systems's recent work requests in North Bay and nearby areas!

Learn more about Kenmar Basement Systems' recent work requests in North Bay, ON
Vicinity of in North Bay
Damp basement wall. Some water getting in. Water behind the vapour barrier. Black mold on the removed drywall and baseboards.
Vicinity of Rancier Street in North Bay
Wet basement. Mold mildew. Sump pump back up. work needed ASAP
Vicinity of Birchwood Rd in North Bay
Leak into basement. Think weeping tile (old clay). had plumbers there and they looked with camera, can send video. Jeff
Vicinity of Barber Ave in North Bay
Just wondering if you offer financing on wet basement repair?
Vicinity of Joseph St in North Bay
Need to replace/upgrade basement sump pump system. Older home with a hole in the ground, no basin or cover for the pump, no back up and warning system either.
Vicinity of Nightingale Drive in North Bay
Sump pump line is clogged or frozen preventing the water from being pumped outside.
Vicinity of Milani Road in North Bay
I have a triplex and in one unit I had some water come in. I have sold the property but they want it repaired. I was told by another to put in a sump pump. My insurance stated this was seepage and that because of the flash melt and 70 mm of rain, this happened to a lot of people. I have VCT flooring which does not absorb the water. I need some to go and look at this. I have never had any water come in since I owned this for 5 years.
Vicinity of Georgian in North Bay
We would like to get leaky foundation into crawlspace fixed please
Vicinity of Woodward Ave in North Bay
Leaky basement in a corner.
Vicinity of Nightingale Dr in North Bay
Damp areas around perimeter of basement
Vicinity of Regina Street in North Bay
Water enters basement at 2 corners
Vicinity of Princess Street East in North Bay
My basement needs a lot of work in the back of my home. LP
Vicinity of Delaware Avenue in North Bay
Excessive moisture throughout basement with mold, some wall bowing in various areas, efflorescence, damaged drywall and water seepage through floor.
Vicinity of Angus Street in North Bay
My sump pump randomly stopped working. I would unplug it and plug it back in and it would work fine for a couple of weeks. I had it replaced a couple of weeks ago, but the same thing happened to the new pump. Not sure what else I can do since it doesn't seem to be a mechanical problem with the pump.
Vicinity of Superior Cres in North Bay
Having seepage through my basement floor in one corner of my basement.
Vicinity of Wyld Street in North Bay
Basement leaking only when we have driving, heavy rain into the basement.
Vicinity of Whippletree Dr in North Bay
Looking for a basement waterproofing solution.
Vicinity of Duke St E in North Bay
I have an old wet basement which needs a new cement pad or sub-floor. Drainage can go around new concrete slab to drain at sump.
Vicinity of Second Ave East in North Bay
I want to have a shallow window well installed that only sticks out 10-12"
Vicinity of Mariah St in North Bay
Basement flooded recently so require estimates for remedy.
Vicinity of Rosedale Crt in North Bay
Water in basement coming through walls.
Vicinity of Sunset Blvd in North Bay
We need a free consultation on some work that should be done in our crawl space. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you
Vicinity of Johnston Rd in North Bay
Looking for an estimate to have our crawl space vapour barriered. We are concerned with moisture as well as odour.
Vicinity of Third Ave W in North Bay
Weeping tile/ drainage issues
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in North Bay
Water problems in basement. Need professional advice.
Vicinity of Gordon Drive in North Bay
We have found small amounts of water coming in one side/corner floor of our finished basement and would appreciate an assessment to determine where you think the water is coming from and how to repair it. Thanks.
Vicinity of Beth Street in North Bay
I'd like to have someone investigate and recommend what I should have done to fix a wet basement problem at a rental property I have in north bay. There have been two incidents in the past 7 years where water enters the basement on a very rainy day when the ground is still frozen. Other than these two different days, there has never been a problem. The water entered the same place both times, at the wall between the house and the garage. I've had a contractor visit the house and point out that the ground level is very low in this spot. There is a sump pump that seems to be running properly.
Vicinity of Regent Crt in North Bay
Looking at getting a battery back-up for my sump pump. Our pump currently runs great but looking for reassurance with a back-up.
Vicinity of Ann Street in North Bay
Just bought the home last year and one of the basement walls does not look right to me and I just wanted to know if it needs to be fixed or not.
Vicinity of Crawford Drive in North Bay
Sump pump is working but getting noisy and running frequently. Water fills up quite fast considering no rain. May need to replace pump with larger pump on a battery backup and troubleshoot where water is coming from.
Vicinity of Montrose Ave in North Bay
Moisture apparently seeping through concrete slab near south wall of basement Occasional water leaking at floor level under panelling after rain. Questioning whether concrete floor, land features, cinder-block walls or weeping tiles are the problem.
Vicinity of Greenhill Ave in North Bay
I have a functioning sump pump (pedestal style) but the cavity where it is located is open. I am trying to find a solution to seal it and stop the moisture and smell.
Vicinity of Durril Street in North Bay
Basement has developed mold and mildew problem which is penetrating the air throughout the household. Health issues have occurred due to inhaling dust and mold polens. I would like to find out what would be involved, labour and cost wise, to have my basement cleaned.
Vicinity of Vimt St in North Bay
Water in basement in one corner...looking for solutions...Thanks
Vicinity of O'Brien Street in North Bay
Leaky basement on one wall.
Vicinity of Massey Dr in North Bay
We live in Winnipeg, own a rental unit in North Bay that needs to be inspected for water coming into the basement. We do have our daughter living in North Bay to work with on this issue. Please give us a call, ASAP. Thank you
Vicinity of Riverbend Rd in North Bay
We have water coming into the basement in the spring, and during heavy rainfalls. A contractor came two years ago and excavated the garage walls, put in new blocks, and styrofoam on the outside walls. However, the problem still exists, We have been told that part of the problem lies with a large rock formation beside the house. Any ideas?
Vicinity of Circle Lake Road in North Bay
There is a crack in our bedroom in the basement in the wall and in the floor and every time we get rain it pours in water, and it is especially worst in the spring time and right now in the fall ... we have tried adding extra cement to it and some flex spray it worked for awhile but now the crack has came through again. We spend anywhere from 4-9 hours sometimes more depending on how much rain we get or have gotten... It even comes in the laundry room.
Vicinity of Parkwood Drive in North Bay
I just took possesion of this home July 15 2013. It is approximately 40 years old and "apparently" had a one time basement flood Jan 2013 due to a neighbour piling snow between the two home. There was a large downfall of rain at this time that "apparently" came into the basement and flooded it. The other story that I am hearing from neigbours now is that there was blasting in the fall of 2012 behind the property. This has redirected the groud flow of water in the area and I am very concerned that this is not a previous "one time" flood situation but possibly an ongoing issue that may need to be fixed prior to this winter. I am also noticing mold growth on my basement walls so I think there is still dampness problems in the basement that were not correctly fixed after this first flood. I look forward to hearing from you. Email would be my perferred form of contact. Mary
Vicinity of Cedargrove Drive in North Bay
Two years ago I had blue skin installed on the foundation of my house.It was backfilled with gravel (the clay was removed). New weepers, eavestrough and downspouts that drain to the ditch were also installed at this time but my basement floors are still damp after heavy rains. There is no sump pump in my basement. I would like an estimate for this. Thank you
Vicinity of Strathcona Dr. in North Bay
Sump pumps are not functionning properly. need to have sump pump hooked up to original pipe
Vicinity of Jocko Point Road in North Bay
We have been renting this house for 3 years and we are now buying it at the end of June. We do want more living space and we want the crawl space to be insulated and maybe repaired or waterproofing if needed. We were told by a contractor (for our fence) that our concrete block foundation may not support a second addition. We want to know if it is strong enough and if it's not can you reinforce it so that we can build a second floor addition.
Vicinity of Main St West in North Bay
We are a 30 unit condominium with an underground garage. The garage is leaking at the south west corner due to concrete deterioration in the outside stairs ( above the subject area). We would like someone to look at the problem and give a quote to repair. We require trades people to be insured and carry WSIB
Vicinity of Yellek Trail in North Bay
Door does not shut properly,floor separating from wall in 2locations of the house that we can see.
Vicinity of Pearce Street in North Bay
Mild weather, snow melted, basement carpet WET! Would like professional opinion on cause and prevention. Thank-you.
Vicinity of Francis Street in North Bay
Hello, We're planning on renovating our basement, and our home has a history of water leakage into the basement that was supposedly repaired by the previous owners. Going forward, we want to ensure that the integrity of the foundation is suitable, and that we won't have future issues with moisture. New french drains were dug that seem to have helped. We are looking to tear down all of the drywall and old batt insulation, and have someone assess the foundation. Following that, we are interested in evaluating options for refinishing, including rigid insulation and metal studs around the exterior. We are also looking into cutting two new windows into the basement, on the side of the house opposite of where we've been having water issues. If possible, we'd like someone to come by for an evaluation and estimate, roughly in mid-to-late April. Thanks, Dave
Vicinity of Oakwood Avenue in North Bay
I would like to get a quote to repair 2-3 8 inch holes that are on my basement floor opening up some sort of weeping tile system. Please call after 4:10pm or leave a message for me to call back (email is fine too) Thanks!
Vicinity of Lee Avenue in North Bay
I have owned my home, which is a 4-level back-split semi, for 4 years and have always had dampness in the basement. After a large rainfall or during spring run-off, water seeps through the basement floor. I always run a dehumidifier during the summer months. In the last week, I removed the carpet/vinyl flooring, and there is now a constant musty smell floating up from the basement.
Vicinity of Dover Court in North Bay
We get water in our basement/crawlspace in the spring with the snow melt. We would like someone to come and take a look and let us know what needs to be done and the cost. Thanks
Vicinity of in North Bay
I'm not sure if your company installed our Clean Space System through Pathway last year. We need a dehumidifier and would like a quote on something that will work in our crawlspace under our cottage.
Vicinity of Massey Drive in North Bay
Looking for estimate - sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Marshall Park Drive in North Bay
Would appreciate recommendations and a quotation with respect to sump pump backup system installation. Thanks

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