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Before and After Pictures from Sudbury
Old and Ineffective Crawl Space Lining Upgraded in Sudbury, ON

Old and Ineffective Crawl Space Lining Upgraded in Sudbury, ON

Before After
Old and Ineffective Crawl Space Lining Upgraded in Sudbury, ON Old and Ineffective Crawl Space Lining Upgraded in Sudbury, ON

This crawlspace was lined with plastic sheeting by the homeowner but it just wasn't up to the task of stopping the odours and moisture from seeping into the above living area.

We removed the plastic sheeting and installed a CleanSpace liner so the moisture and odour and no longer an issue in this home.

Rock in Basement/Crawlspace in Sudbury, ON

Rock in Basement/Crawlspace in Sudbury, ON

Before After
Rock in Basement/Crawlspace in Sudbury, ON Rock in Basement/Crawlspace in Sudbury, ON

Rocks in basements and crawlspaces are common in Sudbury and the surrounding area.

Our CleanSpace liner is the best solution to deal with water and moisture issues caused by rocks in basements and crawlspaces!

Sagging Floor and Moisture in Crawl Space in Sudbury, ON

Sagging Floor and Moisture in Crawl Space in Sudbury, ON

Before After
Sagging Floor and Moisture in Crawl Space in Sudbury, ON Sagging Floor and Moisture in Crawl Space in Sudbury, ON

A SmartJack system was installed to fix the sagging floor and a CleanSpace liner was installed in the crawlspace to stop moisture and odours from entering the home from the crawlspace.

Basement & Crawl Space Services in Sudbury, ON

I just love it. My house smells so fresh....
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Reviews From Sudbury
Testimonials From Sudbury
Fantastic crew, Very Professional
Testimonial by Paul H. from Sudbury , ON
From a dirt floor, it has been transformed
Testimonial by Robyn M. from Sudbury, ON
Our basement is dry all the time.
Testimonial by Gayle B. from Sudbury, ON

Since 1984, Kenmar Basement Systems has been the local professionals of Sudbury, ON for basement waterproofing, crawl space & foundation repair, home insulation and more! Our professionals are able to correctly identify where your problems are rising from and provide you with the correct repair solution. For more information about our wide range of services, give us a call today and schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate!

Proven Basement Waterproofing Solutions

If you are looking for basement waterproofing, look no further. Kenmar Basement Systems have been the chosen professionals for local homeowners. With no job too big or too small, we can assure you that the job will solve your wet basement problems! We offer sump pump systems, patented drain systems, energy efficient dehumidifies, and more! Call us now, and fix your wet, leaky, basement!

Foundation & Crawl Space Repairs

If you need foundation or crawl space repairs, look no further and give the professionals at Kenmar Basement Systems a call! If you are noticing cracks in the wall or floor, floor buckling, mold and musty odors, sticking windows and doors, settlement sinking, or sagging crawl spaces you may have a bigger issue and be in need of foundation or crawl space repair. Give us a call today and let us get you started on repairing your foundation and crawl space!

Insulation Upgrades for Your Home in Sudbury, ON

The benefits of basement and crawlspace insulation are endless. With our insulation products, you don’t have to worry about wet, soggy, fiberglass batt insulation that can easily fall out of place or grow mold. Basements and crawlspaces perform better when they are air-sealed and insulated properly. These upgrades not only improve your home’s energy efficiency, but help provide you and your family with a durable foundation. Contact us for a free estimate!

For more information about our services give us a call today and receive a free estimate!

Case Studies From Sudbury
This homeowner's basement had a number of different issues that needed to be addressed. The foundation was starting to bow in, one of the walls was...
The wall in Sudbury, ON home was bowing inwards causing the blocks to shear. The basement was subsequently leaking as a result. The wall would have...
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Work Requests From Sudbury, ON
Vicinity of Whittaker St. in Sudbury
Looking for a quote for foundation waterproofing and repair.
Vicinity of Martin Avenue in Sudbury
I purchased an older home that has an old sump pump that frequently runs. I would like a quote for a replacement sump pump with backup pump in case of a power outage or pump failure. Thank you
Vicinity of HOlland Road in Sudbury
We have one side of the basement that leaks around the corner of the house. Our basement is not finished so is there anything we can do from the inside to decrease the costs and having to dig around the entire home. Thank you
Vicinity of Ash St in Sudbury
Sump pump needs to be replumbed with a back up battery. Need this to be completed before our construction on the basement commences.
Vicinity of in Sudbury
Would like weeping tile done on house
Vicinity of Gerald Street in Sudbury
Foundation crack needing repair. wondering if you provide low viscosity epoxy repairs
Vicinity of Colonial Court in Sudbury
Several leaks in basement (different areas depending on rain VS mild weather thaw). This is a semi detached home. Weeping tiles and blue skin membrane were installed privately a few years back.
Vicinity of Walter Ave in Sudbury
I have water coming in my finished basement, and I had it inspected diagnosing weeping tile on the side of my house.
Vicinity of Danforth Ave in Sudbury
Visible foundation crack in cold storage room.
Vicinity of Lebel St in Sudbury
Wet basement when rains heavy..snow too at times
Vicinity of Blyth Road in Sudbury
Crawl space - dampness, loss of heat, maybe mold
Vicinity of Colonial Court in Sudbury
Foundation crack repair, installation of sump pump and possibly a SaniDry dehumidifier system. We need an estimate for the above.
Vicinity of Murray St in Sudbury
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: foundation repair. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of in Sudbury
Looking into purchasing a home, inspector brought up foundation concerns and I am wondering if you would be able to take a look/give an estimated price to powerjack/reinforce all four basement walls of a 1200 square foot space?
Vicinity of Attlee Avenue in Sudbury
Leaking water into crawlspace and other area of basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Cardinal Crt in Sudbury
Had water in basement and removed drywall and wall was wet. Left side of house and back wall
Vicinity of Granite in Sudbury
Don't have weeping tile and have a problem with water seeping into basement
Vicinity of York Street in Sudbury
By basement and attached garage flooded this year and with the rain did not drain properly. I need to look at the problem.
Vicinity of Mae Street in Sudbury
Interested in crawl space encapsulation. Concerned about radon levels. Would like additional clean storage area. Crawl space is currently dry and pretty clean.
Vicinity of Bloor Street in Sudbury
I've lived in my home for 3 years and 2 of the 3 years I have had water seep into my basement. My house was built in 1930. My basement is finished except for the laundry room where I noticed the water coming in. The insulation isn't wet. It just seems to come in between the wall and the floor and it only happens during the thaw season. I don't currently have a sump pump and I am unsure if there is weeping tile installed. It's not a lot of water and it doesn't seep for long (2-3 days) but I shouldn't have water in my basement.
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